Are You in Love with Your Spouse's Potential?

Story by J. Small

I never thought after 30 years of marriage that I would be getting a divorce.  The beginning years of my marriage were very good but towards the end my husband’s demons of bi-polar and alcoholism took over. 

It became a very dysfunctional home of anxiety, anger, fear, mistrust, that I tried very hard to keep as normal as possible, especially to the outside world. Then a Mentor said to me,”You’re in love with his potential.” What a wakeup call!

Why continue to put so much energy into a relationship that wasn’t going to happen?  This was not an example of a loving marriage relationship for my daughters to  witness. It takes courage to leave a marriage. 

But for the health of me and my family it was important that I did.  Thank goodness for the support of friends and family and the resources in my community.

Support can be in short supply for many people going through a divorce. If the relationship has been in turmoil for a long time, those closest may have pulled away. Family and friends are not always the most objective, nor do they have the skills in this type of situation, that requires professional support. 

The Edmonton Divorce Symposium on February 4th at the Edmonton Expo centre will have professionals from all areas speaking and providing advice and guidance - before, during and after divorce.

This full day is $55.00 and includes parking and lunch.

Click below to register before Thursday, February 2nd.