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When you feel lost, and unsure of your next steps, you don't have to do it alone. Regaining your personal power, and stepping into a life you want to live takes courage, and in most cases, we need support, a new perspective, and tools to move forward. 

These experts will give you the tools to step into the next phase of your life.

Togna Mouwen

Togna Mouwen,BSc, CDC®

Togna is a Certified Divorce Coach® focused on advising and healing people in transitioning relationships. As the founder of Authentic Transitions, a divorce and relationship consultancy, Togna offers guidance and support for people going through separation and divorce.

By offering practical coaching based on her first-hand experience and professional accreditations, Togna helps clients successfully navigate the often-complex process of divorce. With over 4 years of experience, Togna’s 1on1 services help clients avoid pitfalls and common mistakes while mentoring them to build a sense of hope and confidence for a brighter future.

Karen Klassen

Karen Klassen is Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance, a Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author and has been a Life and Relationship Coach for over 15 years empowering individuals and couples to live the life they dream of, from the inside out. 

From welfare to owning a successful personal development company, from drug and alcohol addiction to spiritual enlightenment, from disease to optimal health, and from abusive relationships to living in a higher love, Karen shares how anyone can spiral up and experience freedom, peace of mind and live a beautiful life.


Ali Wilks 

ALI WILKS, MSc, is a mom, stepmom and creator of The Successful Stepcouple Retreat. She also holds successful stepmom retreats. A certified stepfamily and couples relationship coach, she has expertise in working closely with stepcouples and stepparents who struggle with the complicated dynamics of stepfamily life. Ali's work focuses on buildling stepcouple success, addressing stepparenting challenges, and addressing stepmom stepchild relationship challenges.  Ali holds degrees in psychology and family studies, which also inform her work with foster and adoptive parents. Online at and

Stacey Berger3.jpg

Stacey Berger

Don’t let her youthful demeanor and upbeat, altruistic energy lead you astray. Life Mastery Consultant, Stacey Berger, combines a powerful business background, years of experience in top corporate operations, marketing, and multi-million dollar investment acquisitions, with a deeper, spiritually holistic understanding of life that’s way beyond her years.

For almost two decades now, it has been this unique and winning combination that has helped Stacey steer each and every one of her countless clients to align themselves from the inside out, clarify their soul purpose and create the life of their dreams!